new acquisitions


Chair Exú Asanà stainless steel, ropes and fabric 2013 (unique piece) by Rodrigo Almeida


Thanks to a generous donation by Rodirgo Almeida, The Edelkoort Design Collection is  pleased to acquire the Exù Asanà chair.


Exú is an African divinity, its name meaning “sphere” and representing the movement of life’s energies.


There are several types of Exús and in this case, the Exú of Oxum (goddess of beauty) embodies both the positive and negative side of beauty. Infused with soul, this Brazilian object is woven and strapped together, embracing a collage of materials so synonymous with Almeida’s work.


The Edelkoort Design Collection is proud to welcome its first work by Brynjar Sigurdarson. This totem reflects Brynjar’s renowned use of mixed materials and a sensibility that harks back to his native Iceland. Stick (2012) previews a future when design objects will acquire a soul of their own.


“Sticks have no defined function. Sticks are part of our childhood and the element of play is always present around them. Sticks also have a strong reference to tools and weapons. They are often used as an extension to our bodies as well as a support, like the walking stick. At SPARK, we use a stick to turn the lights in the ceiling on and off, and also to reach objects that are placed high on the gallery´s walls…”Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir


Stick by Brynjar Sigurdarson - A product of Spark Design Space mixed media 2012 photos: © Vigfús Birgisson