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Evolution _2008 _by _Nacho_Carbonell

As we sit at the cusp of a new millennium and a new era in ecology, our civilisation has the opportunity to redefine itself in philosophical, technological and sustainable ways never before seen in our society. Lidewij Edelkoort is invited by MDW 2011 to curate a design and architecture exhibition and unveil her vision of a more organic futureā€¦

Edelkoort sees that our relationship with the natural world will need to become in symbiosis if we intend to survive as a species, and by learning lessons from nature, we will be able to mimic its evolved forms, its mastered techniques and benefit from its proven knowledge. Our archaic roots will be transformed into contemporary ways of living, and in animistic fashion, we will connect with animals on entirely different levels. Mankind is after all a part of the animal kingdom.

Animals construct their architecture based on their lifestyles, affected by geographic and climatic influences, and inspired by locally-available materials and perfected innate skills. Their habitats respect nature, are biodegradable, self-sufficient and integrate into the environment, expressing an organic state of being that simply comes naturally. Surprisingly however, this intuitive sixth sense is not always organic in shape, and can also lead to futuristic, ergonomic and aerodynamic dimensions.This exhibition will explore how designers and architects have embraced a more organic language, welcoming technology while not letting go of our more primal instincts. The installation will investigate the following 9 architectural concepts from nature.

From october 11th 2011 to November 30th 2011


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