beyond wood


The wood on offer is multiplying with bolder new forms, sensuous new curves and interesting new associations with other noble materials such as marble, steel or leather. But the newest thing in wood is in its finishes; more exciting and opulent than ever before. It is no longer enough too bleach, polish or stain our woods, it now becomes important to burn and smoke surfaces to create contrasting veins, to oxidize wood as if it is a strange breed of steel or to engrave wooden surfaces as if wood were a textile.
We also predict the return of wooden inlay, using different species and colours to create repetitive geometric motifs, transforming the natural resource into a luxurious pattern. The goal is to somehow hide the wood and give it another, more sophisticated appearance, to make it look high-end and exciting, moving the material away from the rustic ecological appearances of the recent past.

This movement towards a more sophisticated vision for woods is leading towards a revival of the decorative arts; a style culture that will take surface interest to new and unknown heights.
To be continued…
Lidewij Edelkoort
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