Charlotte & Truffe


Truffe was more than a simple dog, he was my best friend, my daily companion.

The one with whom I immediately felt comfortable, the one that would listen to me, and the one that would cuddle me when I needed love; but he would also feel when I needed space.


He entered my life in 2002 – a present from my parents – they felt that I needed to have a dog of my own at a transitional time when moving from New York to the small city of Beaune in Burgundy.


My brother and sister took their own road in life, and I ended up living alone with my parents. Truffe suddenly became my brother, my sister, my best friend and my point of reference in a place where I felt like a stranger.


Truffe’s nickname was “Loulou”, his fur was a soft caramel colour, his eyes were light blue. His size and posture may have scared people, but inside he was in fact a teddy bear that wouldn’t ever hurt anyone.

In 2006, when I came back from school I felt a lump on his back; it didn’t seem to hurt nor bother Truffe, but we brought him to the veterinary clinic and discovered it was Cancer. The doctor was optimistic and said it could be treated, but unfortunately the disease was stronger than expected and took Truffe away a few weeks afterwards.


I never had the opportunity to tell Truffe “Goodbye”; I hadn’t realized that the terrible disease would take him away from me so soon when he was just 4 years old.

He was still an innocent little baby. My baby.


Since that day, my heart is in pain, I hope he is happy in the sky and that he found friends to play with. I want him to know that he was the best thing that ever happened to me. Psychologists say that pets can heal human diseases, and that’s what Truffe did for me. He gave meaning to a difficult period of my life, gave me balance and opened the doors of love.


He was my Truffe, my muzzle, my love.