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Jensen & Skodvin Architects : Juvet Hotel- Norway- 2007 Photo Jensen & Skodvin Architects

Jensen & Skodvin Architects : Juvet Hotel- Norway- 2007 Photo Jensen & Skodvin Architects


The Nordic revolution is presented both in classic Scandinavian furniture design, Nordic craftsmanship, the world famous restaurant Noma, the local produced new Nordic Cuisine and also various architecture.  But is there a Nordic identity and does the Nordic way exist?


The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is currently showcasing the exhibition New Nordic – Architecture & Identity, where some of these questions are in the spotlight. Despite the tendency of globalization where national and cultural differences are erased, it is important to notice if we still understand identity as something that is associated with particular places. If that is the case, how has the Nordic identity developed from the rest of the world?


The New Nordic exhibition explores how the five Nordic countries have experienced the latest development and how it’s taking form by asking what is the new Nordic and what is a rediscovery of the tradition? The Nordic is perhaps mainly evident in the clash between architects cultural roots and professional tradition on one hand, and on the other the fact that the global perspective is an inevitable condition for humanity today.


The exhibition focus on three main themes – reassessing the site-specific, reinteroritating community and reclaiming public space – areas where Nordic architecture has made its trademark in this first decade of the new millennium.Innovative buildings and original urban spaces shows the rebirth and interest of local and regional roots. But also welfare ideals are manifested in present day architecture – a welfare system that is often associated with the Nordic countries.

One of the great new tendencies within the Nordic societies is the Nordic sense of community. New institutions are build these years where many functions that used to be separate is now seen in new constructions. Hospitals become more-home-like atmosphere, library becomes concert halls and culture houses and citizens service centres are suddenly all in one.


The Nordic architecture is closely linked to landscapes and latitudes – from green beech forrest to ice-covered mountain caps, which is all closely associated with the quality sense amd choice of materials, proud building traditions and simplicity at its finest.  When today’s new Nordic wave both attract international attention and have impact on a globalized world, it is definitely in association with the Nordic values and visions.


New Nordic is both a rich narrative and a modern look on how we currently build in the Nordic region and express and organize ourselves and our community.


The exhibition continues until the 21st of October 2012.


Sara Ingemann Holm-Nielsen





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Left: photo L.Hirvilammi / Architects Louisiana Pavilion - Right: photo diephotodesigner.R.Ramstad Architects/National Tourist Route/Norway.



Snøhetta The Opreahouse / Oslo-Norway 2008-Photo Christopher Hagelundbirdseyepix.

Snøhetta The Opreahouse / Oslo-Norway 2008-Photo Christopher Hagelundbirdseyepix.