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photo by caroline aufort


certainly things have changed, and are even changing while I type.


the days of only four major fashion trends are definitely over. the complexity of a global market that is breastfed by local ideas and initiatives is only growing, making forecasting a challenging profession. it is important to analyse the positive changes in society that are too often stifled by the horrendous realities of economy and politics, to study the powerless process of retailing today in need of restructuring, and to listen to young people’s wishes to change direction, demanding to be put into a darker mood or blacker words.


the complexity is such that it is sometimes even difficult to understand fashion shows; to the point where the colour nude has been labelled by the press as “new” for the last seventeen years (and still is!) – the skin fashion trend doesn't seem to gain a wrinkle. sometimes I think that the fact that trends have such long staying power risks messing things up; instead of moving on to the next best thing, we keep the old; all the former ideas and styles, while adding new ones. therefore, the cacophony of ideas, colours and expressions we see on the catwalk today no longer seems able to trigger a REAL DESIRE for something radically new.

this amazing multi-layered club sandwich of style will be the subject of our Trend Letter, trying to find fresh ideas and grounded arguments, analysing fashion shows and brand strategies, and noting the exhibitions, books and culture that will trigger trends and help you make up your mind once armed with new arguments and insights. the content that feeds our trends sent to your doorstep.


lidewij edelkoort
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