"Bistro de l'hôtel"


Johan Björklund at "Bistro de l'hôtel" in Beaune France

Johan Björklund at work in "Bistro de l'hôtel" Beaune- France

My father Johan Björklund started his professional career as a  swedish chef in Paris, he then  feel for the wine industry and finally 3 years ago he opened his restaurant ” Bistro de l’hôtel” that brings simple but excellent food and has an exquisite wine list.

The reason i wanted to share this restaurant with you is beacuse i truly feel that’s what we are all aiming for, something cosy, good but simple.

Six years ago, Lidewij Edelkoort forecasted the We are Family trend, this one explained and showed that we would be closer to our friends, our family, our colleagues,  we would be less independent and work more as a team.

 The step towards this trend was probably food, it brought people together and made them share culture and variety.The Bistro de l’hôtel is a restaurant in Burgundy that we believe represents what consumers appreciates and wants today.


Enjoy !

Text by Charlotte Bjorklund