trend tablet turns one!


photo by enricod

photo by enricod

our trend tablet is one year old and is a very successful baby…


we have gained lots of friends, fans and followers on the net via our tool, yet also through twitter, facebook and pinterest; we are actively gathering relevant information for you to be inspired.


cecile poignant, trendtablet’s editor has been a driving force behind the screen, setting things in motion and making things work for all of us.


we have received amazing reports about creative people and locations from many of our friends and colleagues around the world. we hope that the second year will see your participation grow even more. please send us your reports on fashion, your thoughts on colour, your ideas on society, your recipes and restaurant concepts, your favourite travels and of course, your best pets! (of all categories it are the animals that have the most hits and it is true that our site’s fashion felines and dandy dogs are a cut above the rest).

possibly our new category should be babies since a minor baby boom seems to be in the making in creative circles?


my ideal and dream is for trendtablet to become a wikipedia of trends where we all share and work together to find things out about the future; where we would create joint moodboards with the images that haunt us, and where we would create common colourcards on directions that stir emotions in others. we would love to start a sort of collective universal observatorium of trends and talents; where anybody can post his or her idea and where anybody can find inspiration. please join us if this idea pleases you.




thank you, lidewij edelkoort