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Wynton Marsalis & david Kinch at Paris des Chefs

Wynton Marsalis & David Kinch at Paris des Chefs photo by Cécile Poignant

To our delight, a long-term trend that has arisen in our lives is the blurring of borders between disciplines .

In Paris, a vibrant demonstration of this fundamental trend happened during three days ( January 22-24, 2012). At “Paris des Chefs” gastronomy was flirting with art . Architects, designers, actors, photographers and musicians performed on stage with International Chefs.

Here are five trends to highlight :

Synesthesia. Of all the duos “food + design” organized on stage, I will long remember the most moving: Wynton Marsalis on trumpet and David Kinch, the Chef from San Francisco for a moment of sublime and unique harmony.

Monochrome Many chefs create dishes based on the use of a single colour : 3-stars chef Alain Passard of “Arpege” with “L’assiette jaune” composed of golden ball turnip, yellow carrots, onions and lemon wedges dusted with a cloud of Parmesan. David Toutain, the passionate young chef of “Agapé Substance” has created a white plate full of nuances.

Single product 3 stars chef Anne Sophie Pic cooked, assisted by the winemaker and actress Carole Bouquet, a starter  tribute to all kind of beets: red, yellow, marbled raw and cooked … a visual delight!

Sustainable During the festival, all Chefs spoke on the importance of vegetables and they paid tribute to the gardeners who grow them. Compliance with the seasons is essential for all.

Interactive On the first floor one could discover cooking classes, wines tasting,  demonstrations, allowing visitors to become involved.Text by Cécile Poignant.


Alain Passard at Paris des Chefs photo by cecile poignant

Alain Passard at Paris des Chefs photo by Cécile Poignant