the future of vending machine


Vending machine japan

photo Kaori Leyasu


The number of vending machine in Japan is 5.218.600 (data from 2009), And its number is 2nd largest next to USA. But as you know Japan is much smaller country, you can imagine how often you can find vending machine, in every corner of the road and at the station! After big earthquake in 2011, this vending machine was the big issue as they use too much electricity. During summer time, many of them were cut off the power and stand still as the useless box… But now, they seem to find new role. Here is the new vending machine! Can you see the difference? Old one shows the real samples in the window and new one is showing the image of products.

Yes, new one is flat screen, easier to change image than old one. What happen with new vending machine is that vending machine can be the advertisement spot for everyone, not only for companies but also for individuals.The vending machine can be the interactive screen for showing your work like you tube, can be the flat digital news board, can be the urgent information for disaster…. Also with its system, design of drink can’s surface itself might be the space for advertisement. After earthquake, some people said we don’t need the vending machine and can go back to the old age when we bought things over the counter. But this technological proposal seems to give a new interactive way of selling and buying. – Text by Kaori Leyasu-




Vending machine Japan