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maybebagsphoto by Peter Garmusch

photo by Michael Tropper

Maybebags are the perfect catch-all. Inspired by people on the London Underground who sport a luxury handbag as well as a less stylish bag for everyday extras, They  are an ideal solution for those of us who crave an unfettered fusion of design and durability. They can even be crumpled up when not in use without damaging their shape or appearance! Maybebags are made exclusively from Tyvek® — a light-weight, highly resistant, hi-tech material that has a paper-like appearance.

The first collection consists of a shoulder bag and a tote, available in black, gold, grey and white. All bags are reversible and washable and weigh no more than 90 grams.


maybebagsphoto by Michael Tropper

photo by Peter Garmusch

what is in your maybebag ?

what is in your maybebag ? photo by Karin Krautgartner


what is in your maybebag ? photo by Karen Rosenkranz


what is in your maybebag ? photo by Anna Tropper