The Pop-Up Generation


NIELS HOEBERS :Walter: A Dialogue with the Imagination, 2010



The Motion Cabinet by Niels Hoebers is a portable stage equipped with all of the tools needed for stop motion animation, updating the art of puppeteering for the 21st century. Its mobility makes it flexible enough to adapt to different situations and especially practical for collaborations and hosting pop-up workshops with others.


Hoebers introduces us to Walter, a hybrid character who is: “being confronted with reality, an understanding that has a completely different meaning for puppets than for humans… In this story Walter discovers his own reality.

He realizes that he has been created and animated by humans. Walter is starting to doubt his whole existence. But he is told that his existence is about a co-operation between man and puppet and that they need each other to meet in the imaginary world. Walter has to accept that he’s being animated by a higher power. But this higher power has to make sure that Walter leads a happy and pleasant life.” (NH)




CAMILLE SCHERRER: Le Monde des Montagnes, 2008


Camille Scherrer has created her own universe, saying that her narrative vocabulary brings 2D visuals to life in projects that “play at the intersection of technology and art, looking for new fields of investigations”. As a designer, she has created and collaborated on motion animations, books, communication and art, yet her interactive projects best illustrate her pop-up philosophy.

This project from Sherrer’s media and interaction design graduate studies at ECAL saw the screen come to life in response to specific pages of the book being read. An experience in 3D is enhanced on a 2D screen, flipping our perceptions, enchanting our imagination and blurring the borders between the real and the virtual.