a flexible feast



The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant is an environmental and gastronomic art project as well as a gourmet eatery. Built around a solar kitchen, food is cooked solely by the energy of the sun, producing a delightfully different taste experience.


Exemplifying the principles of flexibility and immediacy, menus are prepared according to the weather. Guests may be treated to a solar bbq, meals prepared at lower temperatures, or salads. If it rains, reservations are simply rearranged or rescheduled. Instead of manipulating the environment, Lapin’s solar kitchen reminds us not to take the weather — or the world — for granted.

Joined by world-renowned Catalan designer, Marî Guixé; and Finnish food visionary, Antto Melasniemi, the Lapin Solar Kitchen will celebrate the sun, gourmet cooking, Lapin Kulta beer, art and life on its trail towards the perennial sunshine of the Artic Circle.