The Pop-Up Generation

drip drop

Niels Shoe Meulman

Niels Shoe Meulman photos by philip fimmano

“The difference in letterforms is physically defined: With a pen you use your hand and with a brush you use your wrist. Of course I’m very used to doing bigger stuff with a spray can, in which you use your whole arm. And recently I’ve been experimenting with big brooms on the pavement. The shapes have the same starting point but the physical aspect really defines how it looks in the end”. (NM) Meulman has developed a typographic language that uses action painting on large surfaces. Having taken the streets and walls of public space, he now tackles the gallery floor in a distinctly Dutch material: liquorice dropjes.

 He notes that we live in exciting and fluid times: “First there was the internet bubble that exploded, than we had the banking system that collapsed and now I feel that post-modernist bullshit artists and their elitist galleries and museums are being taken at face value. There are so many great artists with roots in the urban asphalt emerging at the moment, it’s not even funny!”


action – film by Arjen Noordeman, December 11, 2011