a new life with car


A new life with car at Tokyo Motor Show

photo by Kaori Leyasu

What is the reason to have car in our life?

As we face the serious environmental problem, as we now realize again the happiness of riding bike, do we still need cars and if so, why?
It would have been one question since long.

After 24 years, we welcomed again the motor show in Tokyo this time and

more than 375000 visitors have already visited last 4 days!

Compared with last time, it is said that less and less young generation, especially boys want to have cars.

But this motor show looks like attracting us in many different aspects.

Of course the main topic is eco related, how we can save energy, how we can be friendly to our planet.

But what is interesting is that many companies try to search the new lifestyle with cars.

Not for showing off our power and richness, but more to concerning our inner desire for moving, traveling and seeing new horizon.

Suzuki showed small eco car like motorbike for mom and kids, Mitsubishi showed house image with electric car and Toyota tries to search for the “fun to drive” using one of the most common animation and using smart phone image with car.

What is interesting is that “the reason” has become more and more specific for choosing things, fashion, interior and car.

Of course it is natural and logical but I feel it becomes more and more personalized and precise toward our life vision, where we want to live, how we want to move, with who and when?

With these personal images, we choose our shoes and car, with same stance.

Also the coloring for car was quite impressive,

Many use pure lively red for the main model and also search for the different tones of white and grey, which is more humanity and natural like earth material. Sure it will be fun to drive again. By Kaori Leyasu