the vigilante gardener

“This week, I decided to break the law…in the gentlest way possible.”

Todd Bieber is a self-proclaimed vigilante gardener. A Brooklyn filmmaker by day, Bieber has recently joined the ranks of guerrilla gardeners — people everywhere who are seizing unused or underutilized land and putting it good use.

After repeatedly walking past a plot of neglected soil near his home in Brooklyn — caged by a metal fence and barbed wire — Bieber decided to take action.

Plans were drawn; flowers, seeds and plants were purchased; and a time was set. Bieber, and a few select companions, went to work at midnight.

Bieber’s project has promised to donate half of the garden’s proceeds to the owners of the land — should they choose to contact him— and if not, he plans to donate the fruits of his illegal labor to those in need. What better way to break the law?