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Kokuyo's building


“Can you work 24 hours?” Such awful copy was used to be well-known in japanese business scene.Still we work longer and most of the life is eaten by work.But gradually, the mind of workers have been changing and we started to respect our own life and at the same time we started to search for the meaning of working in the office.


Recently, Kokuyo well-known and biggest general office supply maker in Japan showed new office approach.Kokuyo has been doing design award, picking up the new talent and explore the possibility of stationary, and at the same time, they are well-known with office design and proposal.

This time what I found interesting from their proposal is eco-creative, co-work and share.Since earthquake this year, the importance of eco mind has been more and more important in office and we should think how we can save energy and how we can use them efficiently.

What Kokuyo showed is not only “saving” but also creating energy using nature even in the urban office environment with full of charm and humor.

Kokuyo has an office building in the center of business area Shinagawa, but they have an aerial  space on 5th floor, having small farm with seasonable vegetable taken care by employees, proposing working in the garden space not using electricity, which gives fresh ideas and inspirations toward workers for sure.Also what is interesting is that they propose the share office like nomad style in between of different industries, and they even try to work with universities.


21st century is the term from possession to sharing, and technology is the big help to let us be more “human”. Kokuyo’ s proposal tries to change “must work” toward “want to work” and pull out the happiness of working.

Now lets’ find out the happiness of working.

Kokuyo ‘s office fair was one of the most thrilling experience.

Yes, “working “ can be thrilling! By Kaori Leyasu.


Kokuyo's office