elizabeth fonseca & gilberto paim


photo by nina paim

The modernity of Elizabeth Fonseca´s and Gilberto Paim´s ceramics is obvious. Simplicity, tactility and elegance of shapes are the essence of their four hands work. Elizabeth and Gilberto live and work together in Brasil.For you to get to know them better, we interviewed them for trendtablet:


What is your favorite material? Elizabeth: porcelain. Gilberto: porcelain. The color that moves you the most? Elizabeth: black. Gilberto: the blue of the sky. Your first gesture in the morning? Elizabeth: I kiss my cat. Gilberto: I prepare green tea.

The sound that carry you?Elizabeth: cello. Gilberto: the sound of a brook. Your favorite meal? Elizabeth: spaghetti with eggplants, mozzarella di buffala and home made tomato sauce. Gilberto:  stuffed pumpkin with shrimps and catupiry (brazilian cheese). At what moment of the day do you feel great? Elizabeth: after a shower. Gilberto: at the end of the afternoon, after a walk.





photo by eduardo câmara


photos by eduardo câmara


photos by eduardo câmara


photos by eduardo câmara


photo by eduardo câmara