black is dominating fashion design since the japanese designers came to europe in the middle of the affluent eighties with a message of doom and disaster expressed with distressed textiles. at the same time the punk movement sang the no future message dressed in other, equally distressed textiles and leathers. holes and safety pins professed the difficult future.

then black became the norm, the only way to be and to dress. the streetscape looked like a murder of ravens or a flock of black sheep all walking in the same black and bleak direction. at that time the fashion crowd looked as if it just stepped out of a huge chinese ink pot.ever since black has established itself as the number one fashion colour raking in the benefits.

going back in time, black became the symbol of a certain bourgeoisie with the revival of the universal little black dress, going out of its realm fashion embraced a hell’s angels aesthetic and going on as usual the left bank sense of style initiated in the time existentialism and fimed by the nouvelle vague continued to seduce asian and french women.

the french couture and luxury industries do trust black. black has become our best friend and alley, the colour we can trust and rely on. no longer just a colour black has become our armour, shielding us from the hostile outside world. black has become our mental burka hiding our inner selves and making us all equal to the world.high end or low end does not longer matter, black is ironing out all flaws and differences in the eyes of the world. this all black store is dedicated to the armour of black in the symbolic and aesthetic sense of the word. in a world of ever more aggression, pollution, threads and abuse the carapace of heavier weaves in black is able to give us the strength and attitude to fight and survive. for some consumers black becomes a way of eccentric expression able to blend all brands. the fabrics are all double weaves, quilts and piques in wool and silk and skin to create heavier weights and interesting surfaces able to capture the light in order to make black come alive.  lidewij edelkoort