dreaming in the sun




‘Dreaming In The Sun’ is a collaborative summer story by Prince of Sun  &  Arturo Bamboo . Prince of Sun is based in Barcelona and Arturo Bamboo switched city life in Berlin this summer for the islands of Formentera / Spain and Hydra / Greece – a sense of summer heat comes right at you when looking at this story. 


Two islands










These small pieces of rock evoke intense emotions 

Whitewashed houses


Formentera.. A breath away from Barcelona


Hydra.. A breath away from Athens 


So close yet so far 


Siesta time 




Arturo Bamboo Arthur Groeneveld & Bamboo van Kampen, a Dutch couple in life and work living in Berlin. Their photography revolves around different themes such as intense intimacy, faraway places and the female and male form. 


Prince of Sun Dominique Christian Massullo, a kingdom of inspiration, the realms of contemporary aesthetics, uniqueness and eyes that travel.