common sands #Milan 2018


Behind Studio Plastique are two young souls : Theresa born in Germany and Archibald born in Belgium both were graduated in 2016 from Design Academy Eindhoven. During the latest Salone in Milan, Studio Plastique presented “Common Sands” at Ventura Future / FuturDome.


« Common Sands » is materialized by glass objects retrieved from discarded electronic household devices. This concept is particularly interesting as the challenge today lays in finding new applications for local resources; not in unearthing new materials.


Studio Plastique is asking a lot of questions through this project : How could we handle resources differently? Can we give them back  visibility and value? How could we change our relationship to resources ? How can objects be made with consciousness for the resource?


In terms of importance for our civilisation, one resource tops everything: sand. We enjoy it on our beaches, but few know it makes our electronic devices function, our homes light and warm, our communication fast, our energy more sustainable. We are surrounded by sand without even noticing. When looking closer into the processes sand goes through to become glass, microchips, solar cells, or aerogel for example, one enters a world of such sophistication and complexity that it leaves one in awe.

 Common Sands uses the silica components present in kitchen appliances as their primary material. The collection of glass vessels materializes the presence of sand. The size of the glass vessels relates back to the quantities of sand used in the various kitchen appliances.The glass that is obtained, carries the story of its processes  making it rich in content and context and moreover creating a new application eld and market for this particular waste material.


All these glasses tell a story,  and aim to restore a relation between source, resource, product and user. Studio Plastique is making an attempt to close cycles, to bring back a human scale to the alienation of our resources.