angele fourteau



Angèle Fourteau presented this diploma project in June 2017 for a Master Design for Luxury and Craftmanship at écal (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), Lausanne, Switzerland. Her goal is to cross Science with Design.
Here is how Angèle is explaining her approach:
“Textures Cosmiques” is based on Nasa’s pictures of Mars and other planets of our solar system.
I first was interested by the textures of those planets, caused by impacts and traces of geological and meteorological effects, and the goal was to try to visually reproduce those textures and create a material to work with.

During the research process, my experiments with soils and resin were quickly linked to pedology (science of soils studies). This science field is using the same principle, but for a microscopic study’s purpose. How it work ? A part of the soil is selected and extracted, then in a laboratory, a resin is poured on it to fix the soil block. Then, after few days of drying the block is cut into thin sections up to 30 micro millimeters.
Fascinated by the range of textures, and color possibilities depending on the typology of soils. I decided to work with this material as it reminds me the cosmic textures of the planet’s pictures. Thanks to a partnership with Folkert Van-Oort, (Artist and Pedologist) I was able to reuse his leftover of the resin blocs and recycle them.
I choose to value those materials by creating two collections of unique jewelries inspired by Nasa’s Mars cliches of dunes and comets impacts, the shapes are guided by the images.