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Erika is a 25 year old Swedish student in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL. After spending most of her life in her hometown Stockholm, she decided to take on the challenge of learning a new language and, therefore, she moved to Switzerland in 2012 to learn French.

 Erika have cultivated her passion for design and entrepreneurship since she was 16 years old that lead her to undertake a Bachelor program in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland. ECAL has boosted her ambition and creativity including her technical skills and given her a chance to develop her competitive edge. It is particularly the stimulative aspect of the “design world” that pushes her to constantly be creative and innovative in every aspect of her studies and daily life.


“Déguster l’augmenté” is an experimental project exploring the potential of integrating data information in food. The project answers theses questions: how could we consider food in a new way with the process of todays technology? What if we could augment our food? Would it be possible to extend some dishes to a new dimension? It’s a desire to enhance storytelling on food. A poetically extending proposition for three desserts.

“Déguster l’augmenté” includes three desserts, expanded with data in a poetic way each with a unique feature: animation, perception and sound.
Dessert à l’Air: animated desserts are created using edible robots, the sweets of the future.

Lumière Sucrée: a lollipop uses external lights to refract a hidden message contained inside.
Mange Disque: chocolate records allow us not only to hear, but to taste sound.


Cecile Poignant


Project by Erika Marthins in collaboration with Chef Fabien Pairon at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Romain Testuz at Rayform (Rayform light shaping technology), Dr. Jun Shintake Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne).
Special thanks to: Michel Ferla (EHL), Dario Floreano the Director of Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (EPFL).






Photo Younes Klouche




Photo Younes Klouche




Photo Younes Klouche