living jewels

Viola_living_jewels _1photo by nicol ragland

photo by siouxzen kang

Jessica Viola is a botanical designer, she spent the past decade cultivating her design portfolio based on sustainability and artistic vision. She got a background in organic and botanical design and a strong passion for plants, ecology, culture and creative expression. So, Jessica is not only a garden designer, she also designs modern botanical jewels. Those living amulets act as a vehicle to inspire greater environmental consciousness by deepening our relationship to plants.

All jewelry is handmade and designed using sustainably harvested and ecologically responsible materials, including natural fibers and hemp, rare and inspired gems from friends around the globe, fine chains including 24K gold overlay, sterling silver, rose gold, copper, brass and recycled metals, and rare species of Tillandsias (air plants) that are grown organically and sustainably.

Air plants do not require soil, only indirect sun and occasional spritzing. With attention and a  bit of care, like any garden, your living garden will bloom and blossom around your neck, next to your heart.

Viola_living_jewels_2photo by siouxzen kang

photo by nicol ragland