The Piecework Collective Annual Exhibition


Piecework Collective_Abigail Booth_Lesley Gold

The Piecework Collective annual exhibition was held this year during the second edition of the New York Textile Month and featured new and relevant quilting works from:

Abigail Booth,  Meg Callahan, Season Evans, Coulter Fussell, Rachel Hayes,

Lesley Gold,  Kiva Motnyk,  Heidi Parkes,  Lindsay Stead, Erin Wilson and Lena Wolff

The renewed intention of the exhibition was to gather the works of textile artists from all over the world in order to showcase the last processes and materials and discover the unique aesthetics of each individual approach to quilting.

The ensemble portrayed the work of the contemporary quilt community, united by a shared faith in craft and a strong feeling of connection to its roots.


Each piece embodies the knowledge of historic techniques, the passionate research of the artist and its personal artistic expression, quilted in an intricate and fascinating design that is a new step towards the future.


Laura Sbaragli



Piecework Collective_Coulter Fussell-Meg Callahan



Piecework Collective_Meg Callahan


Piecework Collective_Coulter Fussell



Piecework Collective_Erin Wilson


Piecework Collective_Kiva Motnyk


Piecework Collective_Lesley Gold


Piecework Collective_Season Evans-Mariah Gillespie-Heidi Parkes


Piecework Collective_Heidi Parkes