peru 2018


photo by Marcella Echavarria


Edelkoort Inc. is proud to present the second adventure in a series of special journeys delving into textiles as part of its TALKING TEXTILES educational initiative. This intimate experience will allow a select number of travellers the opportunity to emancipate themselves from their daily lives and escape into the Peruvian landscape and its culture. Accompanied by textile experts and curators, guests will tour esteemed textile collections, learn about natural fibers, regional rugs and local weaving techniques, all the while immersing themselves in Peru’s internationally-renowned food and folklore.
Peruvian textiles have been a part of history for over ten thousand years. Tour 1 travels deep into the Andes to seek out the essence of this expansive textile heritage, offering a small group of guests an up-close experience of the country’s natural yarns, unique traditions and handloom weaving techniques. Limited to a maximum of ten guests, this intimate tour includes visits to Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Puno and Taquile Island, and gives guests an upclose and in-depth understanding the farming and processing of alpaca, highlighted by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a Chaccu, the ancient shearing ceremony of the vicuñas.
Tour 2 will take guess to Lima, looking at the city’s amazing textiles, food & culture. Lima is a vibrant coastal capital, offering guests access to truly great textile experiences; from visiting unique private collections to seeing renowned museums, antique dealers and craft stores.

The city’s artistic neighborhoods, friendly creative community and cultural cognoscenti will leave guests inspired and enlightened. Lima is also famous for its dynamic food scene, blending local traditions with international influences to define a contemporary style nowadays influential around the world.
Guests on Tour 2 will also be introduced to several important dealers selling Peruvian crafts and textiles. Visits will also be organized to designers’ and artists’ studios, many of whom have been working in Peru for decades; creating a dialogue with local creatives and encouraging potential future collaborations. For professionals attending the tour, production introductions can also be made upon request.
While traveling together with other creatives, this shared experience will provide a setting in which to discuss the diverse topics and challenges we face today – seeking sustainable strategies and a more humanistic approach to redesign the future together.
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Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum, Lima


Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum, Lima