hot summer


photo by morio


“As we suffered earthquake this spring, we stop a few nuclear energy port, we expect serious lack of energy coming in july and august, Hot topic now is how to survive hottest summer without using air-conditioning¬† system (which eats a lot of energy).


One idea is “no tie” formal style. In business scene, wearing tie is rule, but this year, companies and government give an order to the employees “never ever wear tie!!!!” and express that we are joining the activity of ” less energy movement”.Pity for tie industry but good for TORAY, Teijin, UNIQLO who has presented “cool effect high-tech fabric” shirts, pants for summer fashion.

Another idea is “take longer vacation”.
Normally we only have 3-4 days for summer vacation, but this year, people in many big industries,¬† will take 7-10 days holiday,and also starting “house work” style, and “holiday on weekday and work on weekend” style not to consume too much energy.
Since earthquake, many young generation is in “marriage book” ( they say they don’t want to die alone). Combination with long vacation summer and marriage boom, we will head directly ” taking flight season” of flocks and family.Interesting movement to follow.

Third idea is the long skirt fashion boom.
Big sales around full length dress, skirts like mermaid. The reason is¬† that Japanese women (especially middle age) don’t want to show their legs and normally they wear leggins under short skirt.But with this heat, naturally they refuse such item and wear something loose and easy.” Kaori Leyasu running Edelkoort’s trend office in Tokyo