the escape of fashion


photos Imke Klee


A longing to make the familiar strange, to transform dressing into a sacred experience, to practice asceticism in the pursuit of meaning, to abandon fashion in favour of an alternative style-less vision. A colourcard of non colours, non expression, non attention. a group of cool neutrals that will envelop our souls as much as our bodies. A reformed vision of clothes able to ignite the spark of godliness in each human being.

An indistinct and amorphous rather than definite design that offers solace like a bandaid or a bandage.In a blend of myth and memory we revisit the stories of the Olympus, the Bible, the Koran and the spirited movements of Isadora Duncan and Pina Bausch, to be intimately woven into our fabrics and incorporated into our behaviour patterns.

Worn barefoot and without details, the coordinated styles attest to research seeking a deeper relation with cloth and culture. in order to be peaceful, think creatively and live fulfilled, avant-garde consumers turn to cotton voiles and laundered linens as well as wrinkled leathers and wild silks. Choosing clothes that come close to philosophy and anthropology, that try to express ideals for a future life where consumption becomes a wasted energy devoid of feeling and a handicap for the development of human genius.

Lidewij Edelkoort


photos Imke Klee