Long Table Gatherings


Long Table Gatherings

The next TRENDxCHANGE “Long Table Gatherings” will take place in the unique and historic surroundings of Frama, one of the coolest place in Copenhagen
Frama is located at St. Pauls Apotek in central Copenhagen. The store still has the original woodwork and architectural elements from when it used to be a pharmacy in the 1800’s. The kitchen space and different rooms in Frama is characterized as “work in progress” and serves as a retail space and a platform for creative freedom, bearing the stamp of Frama’s aesthetic principles. The space features as a place where people can come together and relations are built by the many gatherings and events that Frama organize from dinner gatherings to book and magazine openings.
Ever been curious on the forces shaping the culinary scene of tomorrow?

Join Trend Tablet and Frama for an exciting and intimate evening!
« Food Future » explores four main themes of the future as different paths to explore. Food is a complex and epidermic subject. What we eat is influenced by society, geopolitics, beliefs, history, art, marketing, biology… Eating is not just feeding.It’s about feeling emotions, remembering and also discovering, traveling, sharing…The keynote will be presented by Cecile Poignant – Trend Tablet’s editor.
The talk will be accompanied by a panel debate comprising of experts representing distinct areas of food culture in Copenhagen:
Laura Terp – Co-founder and Creative Director at Oak the Nordic Journal.

Oak offers an intelligent perspective on the global resonance of Nordic culture – from art and design, to architecture, travel, food and more.

Armando Perez-Cueto – Professor in Food Design and Consumer Behaviour Copenhagen University. His research focus is on food related behaviours, vegetable consumption and how to facilitate healtheir and sustainable food choices.

Morten Schou – Renowned Chef and Product Developer at Aarstiderne.

is a delivery service that restore the close connection between cultivation of the earth and the joy of meals, full of good ingredients, health and flavors.

The event will be concluded by a curated dinner from renowned chef Mikkel Karstad – Karstad has worked closely with René Redzepi’s Noma, developing recipes for the restaurant at its Nordic Food Lab. Karstad has now branched out as a food consultant, writer and stylist.
Due to limited seating, the event will span two days – 11th and 12th of May – with a similar agenda.
Join us on May 11th or 12th , we still have a few sits left!
Online Booking : write your preferred date and number of people to Magnus and you will receive a confirmation with payment details in return. Price: 500 DKK
Oak the Nordic Journal
Armando Perez-Cueto
Mikkel Karstad 


Frama Studio Store


Morten Schou


oak the nordic journal


Mikkel Karstad - photo by Anders Schønnemann