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Seven Uniform, established in 1952, is the leading company in Japan’s work uniforms for its expertise and innovation. Hakui series is the top line among Seven Uniform collections made in collaboration with Akira Onozuka for more than 25 years. The line, created in 1992 caused a sensation when it was launched as Onozuka just founded his well known clothing brand Zucca almost at the same time.
Hakui clothings are designed as tools that council aesthetics and functionality. Timeless, yet adapted to the time. Every year 20 new designs are developed, after 25 years, 500 designs has been created so far. Each fabric is made in Japan to meet the request of functionality and durability and the whole collection is also made in Japan.
As Lidewij Edelkoort said it in Octobder 2015 : “People’s work wear will be inspiring the coming trends to become realistic and responding to the different jobs that are coming back to a market in movement. Fashion will seek solace from the wiping of waste, the healing of people, the shepherding of others, the gardening of colour, the farming of beauty and will explore motivation from the research of matter, building bridges between male and female style and between day and night.”

For Seven Uniform, the uniform is not just a functional garment: it has the power for wearers to feel proudness, passion , motivation, respect, satisfaction …


In April 2016 they were part of the exhibition at Le Salon Paris it was the first experience to join such an event in Europe. Haiku uniforms by their superior design, functionality and durability, have already won many Japanese chefs trust and European chefs are on the same path.
“Style will be operative to produce and seduce at the same time. Our working garments will be infused with the labour of love.” Lidewij Edelkoort


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Catalogue Hakuï 24



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