transitions: migration and travel


Mary Mattingly - Wearable Home - Design and Flow


If you haven’t yet encountered the words “Change design to design change” on social media, you are missing the incredibly inspiring work of “Design and Flow”. #AddFlow is the mark of numerous collaborations of Design and Flow with individuals and organizations from all design backgrounds and corners of the world, initiating dialogues and leading social change through design.
The strategic design and innovation movement (based in New York and operating in Paris and Dubai as well) is at the front line of implementing change and championing design as a tool to positively transform the world. Their social media campaign #AddFlow along with their exhibitions, events, and lectures promote the movement’s mission to use design to tackle turbulent social, political and environmental situations by “disturbing the status quo” and designing for “more than just aesthetics”. The collaborative work is disseminated through a variety of publication outlets, offering designs for sale and open designs for download.
On May 7th, D&F will present its upcoming project – a series of events as part of NYC x Design Week 2016. The events include a two part exhibition, Transitions: Migration and Travel taking place in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, an International panel discussion on what it means to add flow and the Portraits of Change Launch party. The exhibition will touch upon issues of belonging and identity, looking at the fundamental role that design plays in opening up awareness to issues, encouraging relevant conversations and presenting innovative solutions.

Featuring works and projects related to the idea of transition, the exhibit considered the constant reformation of both physical and conceptual boundaries – the challenges of voluntary versus forced migration, adapting to new transit regulations and technologies, and integration into new cultures and societies while maintaining the connections to native lands and homes. Concepts of movement from one place to another as well as symbolic representations such as passports and visas are explored in relation to transient lives.
Among the exhibited works are an open source interactive map Visualizing European Migrant Crisis by Lucify, an exclusively showcased proactive architectural initiative featuring a functional refugee shelter (currently adopted in the Middle-East) by Rabih Shibli and Mary Mattingly’s “Wearable Homes”, an award-winning wearable individual and communal shelters.
Lior Fisher Shiloni


Mary Mattingly - Wearable Homes - Design and Flow


Lucify Visualization Design and Flow


Azra Aksamija - Cultural Transfers - Design and Flow

Azra Aksamija - Cultural Transfers - Design and Flow


Playground of Americas - Design and Flow