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design Iskren Marinov

design Iskren Marinov

From mainstream to high end
: beer is back. It was until recently that this four ingredients counting beverage was the champagne of the poor. Now this golden liquid has reinvented itself, today beer is for the cool, champagne for the boring.

For those who thought beer was out, think again. Beer is more popular than ever, not the simple beer you might now, it is craft beer that is conquering the alcoholic beverage market. When it comes to “cool” beers, crafts are king. But it is not only beer as a beverage that is taking over, it is the guidance for many new designs, products and services. 

The market of craft beers is a feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes. From coffee infused beers, till stouts that have a donut flavour. Authentic brand designs, simplistic of over the top, it is a war on the dance floor if it comes to brand design. A particularly appealing design is Scrullos by Designer Rod Quina of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He made the beer can into a modern piece of art, with a crazy graphic tight design.
Another cool example of how beer is innovating into our current Zeitgeist is 0101 Beer, which is a beer that is based on human emotions. Together with IBM, Havas Helia developed a beer based on statistic research on emotional behaviour, this project arise out of the vision that beer is being consumed with different emotions regarding to the occasion. 0101 beer turns this vision around by not linking beer to special occasions but specific emotions.
That beer is also an inspiration for design is not only visible in the diversity of different perfectly designed craft beers, also in the fact that the well-known beer bottle is used in interior design. The Iskren Marinov’s Industrial Wall Lamp, is a stunning example of how the beer bottle is used in other objects. The Bulgarian-Based industrial designer uses the authentic brown glass bottle as a main subject is his design. 

Lastly beer as we know it, is being reviewed into different purposes, the purpose of wellness. The Beer Spa is a perfect example of this shifting attitude as this spa features beer as it’s main ingredient for relaxation and rejuvenation, giving visitors the chance to benefit the healing characteristics of hops.

Some might say it is just a coincidence, they might even claim that preferences simply change over time. I as a trend expert believe this shifting attitude has everything to do with current consumer trends. To begin with back to nature, which is the consumer trend that is deriving out of our need for dematerialization. We seek for simplicity, for normality in this omnivorous consumption society. Moreover, this reassessing of a known product is fitting our reviewing trend perfectly, we are seeking for new ways to utilize this product within current Zeitgeist.
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Extremely curious and always searching for little weak signals that tell us things are changing. Cecile is a trend researcher and creative concept developer with the wanderlust of a cosmopolitan.Her aim in life is to develop things that matter to others and to help others change their strategy to be ahead of the future. Because she believes “The future is ours”.