Bloom Brazil


Succulent fat plants stand guard at the entrance to this garden of earthly delights; full of magnificent orchids, orchestrated with bustling hummingbirds and murmuring bumblebees hovering around. Exquisite flowers are growing wild, embracing lush floral trees like a necklace would a slender neck. They also appear on bits and pieces of adorable cloth, hardly clothing the sensual human frame. The grasses are waving in the breeze and attracting people of all sorts and colours to use them in rare and ornate artefacts, to cover roofs, floors and the body; the divine body with its piquant nudity and heavenly mass of hair that has become the trademark of Brazil, representing the roots of its culture.
Roots have been discovered and retrieved to give food local colour and energy. The prolific palm tree shares its heart with all of us, delivering unbelievable savoury dishes straight off the grill, inspiring improvised ways of cooking for our lush future. Distinctive music is obtained from the forest also, with drums and flutes and shamanic voices, that with ambrosial sweetness narrate the origin of the planet and the birth of man.

Rare and opulent birds scant their own refrain, describing with loud fervour their mouth-watering environment. Nectarous fruits of all sorts and sizes are part of a daily ritual for appetizing lemonades and juices. The rainforest is known to host thousands of unknown plant species yet to be discovered for our health and pleasure. Rare golden monkeys can be seen as the icons of the golds found in this land: the rich oil, the sweet corn, the mellow pineapple, the syrupy honey and the rare metal itself, making this country a true land of milk and honey – now designing ice creams from it too.


Brazil is an inescapable destination, a destiny.


The flamboyant flowers that design the Brazilian landscape are embraced by palatable sea creatures that can be fished off the country’s seven and a half thousand kilometres of coastline. The beauty and the beast are brought together to imagine the luscious land of Amazonia; the boldness of its colour, the brazenness of its form, the thrill of its sumptuous embrace. Killing me softly.


text: Lidewij Edelkoort

photography: Rogerio Cavalcanti

art director: Sergio Machado


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Bloom Brazil


Bloom Brazil


Bloom Brazil