caring moment


Beaumont en Auge is a small place, reminiscent of an invincible village, located in the Calvados region near Deauville – France. It harbors, nestled in the hills, a new clinical concept: Dogs Cats &Co.
A young generation is initiating a new philosophy and a dynamic economy, seeking truth and quality of life. As a result, they are correcting and transforming the extent and nature of nearby shops and services.
Stemming from this movement, young veterinary doctor Alexandra Mahé is proceeding in the opposite direction of large, veterinary structures, providing a medical response and new care methods that are as concrete as they are sensitive. She places both animal and man together within her living area and at the heart of her attention.
It is a courageous blend of private life and professional passion… a combination of feeling and medical responsibility, sustained by the comfort of being as near as possible to the animals in her care.
It constitutes the reinvention of veterinary practice.
In a very handsome home dating from the 50’s and located in the heart of the village, two floors dedicated to medical practice are decorated with infinite feeling, providing a context as calming for the animal as for its owner.


As soon as one crosses the threshold, the charm of the residence, like a veritable Guest House, and of its hosts, takes effect.

Here, the waiting room opens onto a magnificent garden where a pervading scent of « everything will be alright » conveys an immense sense of relief for both animal and master. The atmosphere is comforting with expressive, lively colors and a playful mood that incites one to take a book and serve oneself to coffee, just like at home, before sitting down next to the chimney
There, in the gentle and diligent consultation area, the auscultation table is highlighted, opposite a window like an open mind…so begins the real change for the animal, surprised to be hoisted onto a pedestal with a view: a moment of bliss for all concerned, since the senses are touched and relaxed by this peaceful horizon!
Then, to design another aspect of our young vet, it is worthwhile to stress the fact that the principle of gentleness applies as well to the rates she charges for her attentive consultations, a coherent part of her desire to accompany the animal in a close, more personal way.
What flair! Never before has a veterinary clinic been so attractive and welcoming.
Finally a feeling of hope exists for a more compassionate, animal medical world, where going to the vet becomes a pleasant walk, and no longer a burden, for both Animal and Man.
From the Animal’s Point of Nose!
Sophie Lattes, July 2015