all the world’s futures


Huma Bhabha


“All the World’s Future” (La Biennale Arte 2015 di Venezia) is an event that aims to be an evaluation of the relationship between Art and the artists, in the current state of affairs.
For years the Art world continues to question himself about the meaning of making art and about the evolution of the Art system. The answers to these questions are no longer clear and defined as before. Sometimes they are very detailed and complex and sometimes the answer is right in the change (metamorphosis). To look at what is in evolution is an enriching experience much more than look at pompous form of what has already found all the answers in a plasticity without cracks, no loopholes, no spaces of penetration for free interpretations.
Through its access to the indefinite,the art work opens the way of exploration and endless knowledge.
In the Spanish Pavilion’s the artists Cabello / Carceller revolves around the idea of ​​multiple identities as non-definition. Their Installations and videos made possible a critical approach of the original aspects of the intimate life of Dali. The indefinite in this case becomes a weapon of seduction expressed through a Drag Queen, just like a work of art can accommodate in itself the indefinite as coexistence (harmonious or conflictual) of opposites.
The connection between different worlds apart from each other is the basis of Chinaru Shiota’s installation: a red thread that binds keys collected in different places of the planet. The visual effect is that of a suspended red sea, under which are moored two old boats. The explanation for this exciting installation comes to us by the artist himself: « Keys connect us to each other, boats carry people and time ».

In totemic sculptures of Huma Bhabha live charm of science fiction with archaic images from Aboriginal and African sculpture, like a masque that makes possible the coexistence of different identities on the same person.
The liquid paint of Marlene Dumas allows us to wander through faces without race or gender that make us retreat and intrigue at the same time.
Camille Norment in the Nordic Pavilion probe the limit beyond which it is possible the coexistence of glass and sound, confronting the essence of the story, that needs to be write everyday, through balance and breaks, so that the limit becomes a means to go further.
Photos and text by Magda Di Siena
Magda di Siena is an architect, an interior stylist and an art consultant.Her work is focused on projecting and setting exhibitions,fair stands, paper advertisements.
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