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UndGretel by Mark Krause


After experiencing the negative sides of the high-end beauty industry with all its controversial ingredients, it is time for a change. Currently, luxury cosmetics are full of toxic preservatives and irritating fragrances. On the other hand, the earthy natural cosmetics lack powerful, fashionable colors.
Berlin-based make-up artists Christina Roth and brand specialist Stephanie Dettmann created a new collection of organic make-up: UndGretel.
UndGretel fills the gap and is doing things differently: by using ingredients such as avocado oil and chamomile in combination with mineral pigments the products are nourishing, full of color and even smell good. Also, UndGretel was tested on friends and family rather than animals. The collection offers now eleven products with « a fashion heart and an organic soul ».

The founders believe that nature already designed the most beautiful colors, shades, smells and ingredients and inspired by the colors of the sunrise, the first fresh green leaves of spring, and pink night sky but also by haute couture and the avant-garde edge that defines true Berlin style.
Goal for UndGretel is to create awareness: treat yourself and the environment in a respectful way.
Bamboo van Kampen
Bamboo van Kampen, 26, is an all-round creative specializing in visuals and colors; she forms half of the Berlin-based duo Arturo Bamboo.