Marrakech, the city of 1001 nights, is the place where art director Ben Lambers had his renaissance as a photographer. Being a ‘beholder’ who sees beauty in lots of things, he surprised me with these pictures. From now on we will share our most special and colourful pictures made on different occasions and locations on Trendtablet. Since 20 years we learned to see as one but managed to keep our personal view in life and work. Marrakech brought us something that turned out to be the next level in Studio Aandacht.

 This week Studio Aandacht celebrates her 10th anniversary, that means puberty is around the corner… Still there’s a lot to learn and plenty of time to grow.”

tatjana quax


photos by ben lambers – actionstyling by tatjana quax




















3 windows says :
2011-05-16 06:55:38
Those images made me giddy with wonderment rich & real.
Tatjana says :
2011-05-01 19:37:57
Our heart goes out to all the victims of the terrible bomaccident this week at the Dar el Fna square. Love from Studio Aandacht.
SoLoveLy {decoration} says :
2011-04-28 15:51:27
i love absolutely everything in here, the rugs,the tyres basket,the colors,the spices,the fabrics,the materials,morrocco is a really a good place for creativity :a mix of modernity and traditions,craft art, that bring sunshine in my day,i want to go there once again! have a good day sophie
Bruna says :
2011-04-26 12:51:44
absolutely love the pictures and looking forward to seeing lots more, now that I have found this site!!
Hipnoticed says :
2011-04-04 18:23:15
I'm obsessed with vintage Beni Ourain tribal rugs. This is a wonderful link....
Christien says :
2011-04-03 07:52:56
What a beautiful pictures, you can almost touch the atmosphere and smell the aromas. It makes you want to explore Marrakech as soon as possible ! Thanks for sharing and congratulations with your 10th anniversary! Happily more Aandacht to come...
PaMa says :
2011-04-02 17:31:29
Schitterende composities en een goed samenspel. Proficiat met het resultaat en jullie tienjarig jubileum. Wij zijn trots op jullie xxxxx.
Monique says :
2011-04-02 07:32:09
You made my day, what a beautifull images, feelings and colors, loved it. Thanks
Marjolein says :
2011-04-01 16:13:20
I love how these pictures inspire. Not only with color, but also with emotion, the composition, the stories they tell and the memories they recall. Thank you!