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When it comes to food awareness, Western cities are finally embracing the same zeitgeist: local, sustainable, organic and innovative. Now these urban areas grow denser, people start looking for an equivalent of the countryside in the city more and more: green, sustainable places which can exist within these concrete jungles. Places to unwind, reconnect and communicate with the natural world and human beings around us, places that make our cities a better place to live. Think of rooftop community gardens, pop-up parks, urban farms, bio balcony’s and guerrilla greenery.


Cityplot, an urban farming collective based in Amsterdam and Berlin dreams of a new wave of greenery in cities worldwide, creating a sustainable lifestyle and community alike. The collective encourages and educates city dwellers how to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, micro-greens, fruits and berries or even how to keep chickens in the city. The collective demonstrates how simple it is to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives to the global food system. Goal is to show how to start grow and maintain your own edible balcony, square-meter, windowsill, rooftop, office garden or vertical garden.
Getting your eyes away for the screen and your hands into the earth together is the perfect way to be outdoors, learn new skills and to create community.

In both Amsterdam and Berlin, Cityplot offers a wide range of gatherings and workshops ranging from a permaculture introductory course to a year long urban farmer training program. Cityplot also offers colleague outings and educational children’s workshops that fit the current worldwide green scheme. Colleagues can bond while visiting local food projects around the cities and try themselves: planting, weeding, harvesting and preparing the garden treats will definitely increase the team spirit! And as today’s kids are tomorrow’s farmers,it’s urgent to connect them to nature in a playful way, creating bee hotels, fairy houses and seed bombs.
Are you ready to become an urban farmer?


Arthur Groeneveld





A Guy Named Arturo, the alias of Amsterdam/Berlin-based creative consultant Arthur Groeneveld (1986), is an interdisciplinary one-man-show offering brand support, communications, art direction, trend forecasting, and creative research.


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