week #2


Sabela Cal earns her living as a translator but likes to follow curiosity and see where it takes her. In the last years, she has spent an inordinate amount of time watching videos, which she shares at her blog “Days of disorder”.


She comes from Northern Spain, has lived in the UK and is now based in Germany. Every week we will make a curation of her very personal weekly choice.


The name of her blog “Days of disorder”comes from a passage of Don DeLillo┬┤s novel Underworld:

I long for the days of disorder. I want them back, the days when I was alive on the earth, rippling in the quick of my skin, heedless and real. I was dumb-muscled and angry and real.This is what I long for, the breach of peace, the days of disarray when I walked real streets and did things slap-bang and felt angry and ready all the time, a danger to others and a distant mystery to myself.”



Tom Price ‘Synthesis’

‘Synthesis’ is the study of a dialogue between two disparate materials – tar and resin – and their negotiation for space and identity when forced to merge.




‘Nova’ by James Alliban

Nova resembles a surreal organism that is locked into an ever-increasing state of perpetual growth, decay and transformation.