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Carved fluolight design by Linde Freya


Linde Freya graduated Design Academy Eindhoven in last January. She just start her design studio – Destroyers/Builders Ontwerpstudio – where she gives a new view and re-intrepretation of material : “My fascination is in the thin border of being an object or being almost a material itself. I question the use of crafts, but translating into contemporary materials. I question the daily objects around us.”
“Carved / Uncarved” is a series of objects based on the craft of carving wood, a traditional way of shaping. By searching for a way of shaping the wood, a human signature arises. The series is made as a reaction on our structured life.

For Freya: ” the industry continues in making cold, featureless objects, where we are unable to find a signature of the maker. More than ever we live in contradictions, of overstimulation and under-stimulation of our senses.”
Today is a particular time of fusion between industry and craft, between material and digital. Freya expresses that with a lot of talent in her recent works.


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Carved fluolight design by Linde Freya


Table Top design by Linde Freya


Trash Bin design by Linde Freya


Left:Table Top - Right: Carved Tapestry. Design by Linde Freya


Carved Tapestry design by Linde Freya


Side Table design by Linde Freya