Doom Pa Di Dee Exhibition #DDW2014


Photo by Peter de Koning

Breeding play back into design but all the while, respecting a critical vision, the Doom Pa Di Dee exhibition took this year’s Dutch Design Week by storm with a pleasantly surprising selection of intervention-based projects. Employing a T.V. channel typology – entirely conducive with our ever saturated image cum information culture – curator Jules van den Langenberg sought out to create a dynamic landscape within the burgeoning Sectie C creative complex, where visitors and exhibitors could interact – coupled with scenography by Thijmen van der Steen, graphic design by Sha Yee Jin and a Cash Desk installation by Jelle Mastenbroek.
Showcasing a comprehensive list – most up-and-coming and established Dutch or Netherlands-based talents including Arnout Meijer, Martijn van Strien, Rachel Griffin, Maaike Fransen, Lio de Bruin for Common Methods, Roosmarijn Pallandt, Studio Makkink&Bey, Aldo Bakker, Lex Pott, Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters, – Doom Pa Di Dee proved Dutch design’s undying relevance and ability for reinvention.

Next to re-tooled inflatable men – Oxihixo by Guss Voermans – live music performances and a confetti cannon, hula-hoops were spun across the reappropriated warehouse. A pop-up Bloom store was also selling the new Edelkoort’s Bloom “Luscious” .
Passing new ceramic experimentations by Kirstie Van Noort and Mineale Maeda’s award winning Keystone, viewers came across a staged bus station announcing 50 minutes – the time Amsterdam-based architects Jacques & Andre travel to reach their Rotterdam-based office – offering a new platform for open-source briefs. For those in the business, four Prooff EarChairs ironically formed a ubiquitous press lounge.
Adrian Madlener



Cornwall collection by Kirstie van Noort - Photo by Maarten Coolen


Photo by Jostijn Ligtvoet


Left- Mediator by Goof Kloosterman-Right Typhia Carpet by Lio de Bruin for Common Methods


50 Minutes by Jacques & Andre - Photo by Jostijn Ligtvoet


Left- Assembled Objects by Philip Luschen - Right- Oxihixo by Guus Voermans Photo by Jostijn Ligtvoet