undefined perfection



Luiz, Olga and Natalia are three design students finishing their Master studies in Germany. “Undefined Perfection” is a design fiction project that we find particularly interesting. 



“What kind of food rituals could emerge in a world where naturally grown foods become hardly available? How would the function of a banana change if it was too precious to be eaten?
It is predicted that population growth will lead to severe food shortages in the near future. Natural foods might be replaced by synthetic ‘superfoods’ to feed the masses. We imagine these superfoods to have no taste, no visual attraction, no smell, no sound and no texture. Eating in a world where food is rare will be reduced to an intake of artificial nutrients, neglecting our five senses.

Yet, we know that food has always had an important social function: We share and experience food with the family, with friends and in religious rituals. When societies, believe systems and technologies change, our food rituals change as well.
For a world where eating is based on the mere intake of nutrients, we imagine naturally grown foods to acquire a higher value. New food rituals will allow to experience food again with all five humans senses. This way we are attempting to achieve inner perfection which is the basic drive that makes us humans.”
A project by Olga Michel Chico (MEX), Luiz Gustavo Neiva Lara (BR), Natalia Lazarshivili (GE).