group sport for individual


Photo by kevin butt - tHis1tRik4U Flickr Under Creative Common



Sport is an activity that is an essential and has nowadays gained more importance in our lives.
People run, do yoga, dance and swim.

But naturally, as we are all individuals, we choose a certain category of sports, in which we can participate individually.
On the other hand we are also tempted with the unique excitement of group sports, crying of joy for the victory, sharing the same strategy and score the goal, all the elements that individual sports can not provide.
Today, a new approach to the usually closely bonded sport teams has arisen.

They have adapted to the new lifestyle and opened their doors to the individual, occasional participant.

Anyone is welcome to join the group and occasionally all the members meet for the first time to practice group sports that used to be something sacred.
“ I like group sports but as I am working in a company, I can not keep up with the regular schedule of practicing it. I also don’t want to be tied to the group all the time. With this format of group sports, I can enjoy the best part of being part of a group and escape from the unpleasant parts, such as too many responsibilities.”
Since the individualism has been growing, somehow we want to gather together and mend our relationship again to connect.

Respecting our individual but connect as group, seems to be one key word of tomorrow.


From Tokyo by Kaori Ieyasu