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Workbench Tray - photos Paola Amabile


Alberto Fabbian and Paola Amabile are two young Italian designers based in Northern Italy. They identify their role as responsible explorers by investigating new connections among actors, processes and knowledges. Their purpose is to create positive impacts by transferring contents that can be shared in several forms, whether they be objects, situations or food for thought.

They recently worked with local craftsmen to create “Workbench” project, which represents the result of a collaboration between two traditional artisanal realities as wicker and clay. “Workbench Tray” represents a deep research project that explores feelings and technical possibilities of wicker and clay combining them together, in order to identify new languages and processes. Entirely handmade with natural materials, “Workbench Tray” is the result of knowledges and intuitions reached inside different craftsmen workshops. The delicacy of porcelain joins the flexibility of wicker thanks to a single wire that runs all along the tray, completing naturally its essential shape. A wood base sustains the object highlighting its lightness.

“&Ability” wants to interpret networks as personal and business intersections reflecting culture and land, through unique and matchless know-how. 

Wicker weaving, decorated weaves on ceramics: different materials and processing, to develop and rise the tradition in which identify, to interface with “the diverse”, promoting innovation.
The name itself – “&Ability” – is the union between the junction par excellence, “&”, (from Latin, Et) and “ability”, to underline the importance of sharing different expertise.
“&Ability” is made of one wooden table holding different components: lampshades, bowls, wicker baskets or ceramic vases, each of them carrying its own identity, even though they’re part of the same project. Components are connected in a dynamic dialogue and may be combined upon user’s taste and needs, creating different compositions, in which weaving is the continuity element.





Workbench Tray - photo Paola Amabile


&ability - Process


&ability Process

&ability - photo Alessandro Guerriero


&ability - photo Alessandro Guerriero