all is flux


photos by emmanuelle hauguel, Bloom issue 21


Consider not only organic materials that will return to the earth, but pure and simple substances that disappear by changing state or property. Matter that becomes fog or water. Suspensions, saturations, freeze-formed or gelatinous compositions designed to disintegrate in time. The thing that becomes nothing is true minimalism. The laws of physics that enable suspended animation can guide us in creating mercurial, ice-like packages that please with their delicate temporality and playful shift between crystalline.


As we move further into the understanding that every package we create becomes yet another planetary presence that needs eventually to gracefully disappear, we find inspiration in the idea of packaging programmed to vanish.

Let us borrow a trick from nature, and wrap our products in the most ephemeral of forms: river-nature and cloud.


Can we create containers with the preservative power of glaciers? Wrappings
with a wont to evaporate? When our products are symbiotic with their wrappings, content and container one and the same and destined to die an easy death, then we will have achieved equilibrium based on a total embrace of the transient.