christa van der meer

by christa van der meer


Christa van der Meer is a Dutch fashion designer and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Experiencing with different mediums she now works on projects to find ways to connect her portrait drawings to her fashion designs. Her graduation collection she portraits the fact that drawing is essential for designing. The drawings form the base of her fashion collections and is an instrument to create a new perspective both visually and emotionally.

Since faces define the identity of a person, Christa uses this intriguing factor as inspiration.

After an intense research into the relation between her love and fascination for portraits and passion for designing fashion stands a collection which merges the two. In addition her studies are intriguing collages which tell a story. Her approach to her silhouettes, using them as portraits and her materials as a frame to the face she lets us see a new world.
The combination of the exotic prints make her collections a piece of art. Wrapping her silhouettes in different cultures allows a new global silhouette to be born and gives us new ideas how to incorporate new fabrics in various prints.
A new urban nomad.





by christa van der meer