lev khesin

Khesin’s unique technique of multiple layers of silicone, colored differently, and to be placed one above the other after a long process is an intriguing process of art. His will to obtainable form is accompanied by his humility in virtue of natural processes. Evidently Lev Khesin compares painting to the art of archery and other Zen rituals: When applying each new layer, he focuses exclusively on this one action, thus making them an exercise in controlled presence of mind. The image is the evidence for an accomplished meditation.

The light penetrates the transparent material: colored layers shine through, shimmer and shine.

They mix and oscillate in its various shades depending on the position of the viewer and depending on the time of day. A single beam of light can bring a deeper color to glow, let it glow mysteriously diffuse or disperse. The boundaries between the individual color fields are never clearly perceived, since there are no faces, but only depths from which ascends a color.
The secret lies in the artist’s technique managing to give the color and the material a twist. The original substance manifests itself in the pictures, but the man who has left his trace here .