mer ka ba


Pythagoras said “God geometrizes”and the archetypal language of sacred geometry, which is inherent in nature’s design, is a key in understanding the universe from the microcosm (which is within), to the macrocosm (which includes everything that surrounds us).  The diverse patterns and designs found in this geometry enforce our sense of interconnectedness and our relationship to the dimensions of all things that are created.


The design collective threeASFOUR has revealed a new dimension of sacred geometric depths in their work MER KA BA: a selection of their Spring/Summer 2014 Ready to Wear collection set against architecture and video projections at the The Jewish Museum.  The New York based trio of fashion designers Gabriel Asfour, Adi Gil, and Angela Donhauser, have created a collection of 3D printed, laser cut silk and origami folded dresses that reflect their origins from Lebanon, Israel and Tajikistan, respectively.  With past collections borrowing themes from the Zodiac calendar, Buckminster Fuller and Middle Easter talismans, their exhibition is a fully immersive environment that reflects their many influences.  The title of the show taken from Egyptian hieroglyphs mer (rotating light) ka (spirit), and ba (body), when put together, are symbolic of the energy fields that the body transitions through as it ascends to a higher plane.


threeASFOUR’s collaboration with architect Bradley Rothenberg and Studio Christian Wassmann invites visitors into a moody and textural space modeled after the sacred geometries commonly found in synagogues and mosques.

The designers explored new mediums in their mirrored structure and projections which borrow from the five Platonic solids.  When you take a step back, the structure reflects on itself to form a 3-dimensional 6-pointed star or hexagram, which is known to represent the union of the material and spiritual worlds and the balance of masculine and feminine energies – symbolic of the balance of creative expression from this idiosyncratic trio.


The exhibition threeASFOUR: MER KA BA will remain on view through February 2, 2014.


On November 10th at 6pm The Jewish Museum will present an interactive performance conceived by threeASFOUR in relation to the exhibition, combining avant-garde fashion and ancient bread-breaking rituals.


Alexandra Conn


Alexandra Conn is an artist, illustrator and designer working in book publishing, fashion and beauty in California and New York. You can follow some of her adventures here.