the most fetishistic of fragrances


Barnabé Fillion has created ‘Feitiço’, the most fetishistic of fragrances for international trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort.


Inspired by the connection between the sensual and the shamanic, this primal new scent possesses smoothly-rounded notes that appeal to the instincts of both man and woman.


Body care and baths, favorite soaps, creams, lotions, fabrics and fragrances are an essential part of the gentleman’s privacy. They are the building blocks of his identity. They give him pleasure, comfort and self-confidence. They titillate his senses, the sensitive nose, most of all. RAVAGE, the pseudonym of two well known artists and designers, experts in the domain of Man’s Fashion and founder members of Trend Union, launches a collection of six perfumes named: ‘Les Parfums de Monsieur’. The concept of this collection is that the six fragrances refer to six aspects of the life of a Gentleman.

Prints of six original paintings, depicting these aspects, are included in the precious box of scents.The six scents presented here are : ‘le Nez de Monsieur’, ‘l’Amant de Monsieur’, ‘les Larmes de Monsieur’, ‘la Vie Secrète de Monsieur’, ‘le Rêve de Monsieur’ and ‘le Blanc de Monsieur’.


A special launch for the perfume ‘Fetiço’ will take place at Trend Union during Rives de la Beauté 2013.


An exclusive preview presentation for ‘Les Parfums de Monsieur’will be at Trend Union on thursday september 19 at 10:30 am.


For five days, the city of Paris will host Rives de la Beauté, the event that gives beauty players (brands, retailers, distributors and others involved in the industry) the chance to express their creativity through an astonishing array of aesthetic, artistic, sensorial and inspiring experiences.