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Beth Lauck contributes bi-monthly posts about emerging and disruptive design and communications trends, and helps forecast why and how these changes will affect market intelligence. She also maintains a blog devoted to the intersections between fashion, future studies and trend science. She completed an internship with Trend Union in 2012 as the Assistant Editor and Community Manager of Trend Tablet, and considers her experiences with the Trend Union team an invaluable addition to her work as a trend forecaster and fashion theorist. 



The Ghurka story begins in 1970 at an antiquities market in the U.K. Fueled by a love of history and leather craft, company found Marley Hodgson bid on campaign gear made for a Ghurka regimental officer of the British Army stationed in India during the early 1900s. Hodgson lost the auction, but he acquired the special tanning formula that accounts for the renowned durability and suppleness of Ghurka leather.

The name Gurkha is derived form the Hindu warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath, and represents an indigenous people from mid-western and eastern Nepal.


Ghurka leather bags and accessories are handmade by master artisans committed to a tradition of superior craftsmanship, superb functionality and timeless American style. Everything that bears the Ghurka mark is designed and built to provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Featured in both The New Yorker and Wallpaper Magazine, Ghurka leather honors and elevates the sacred history of the warrior-saint and offers a unique response to the fast fashion culture of today’s economy.

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Sean Sullivan for Ghurka

photo by Sean Sullivan for Ghurka